Electric Sky

We are Electric Sky

We're pioneering movement under external power, making transportation more swift, sustainable & economical

Q: Should we:

a ) make earth a better place to live,


b ) expand beyond it?

A: Both.

Today people haul their energy around with them. That's expensive. Whether it’s the cost of combustion or the burden of batteries, we're being held back.

Electric Sky will help people travel faster, cleaner, quieter, and more economically. This isn't pick one, we're going for a quadfecta of all of the above. Flying across town in a Urban Air Mobility vehicle (flying car) or around the planet in an eJet, you can pay a lower ticket price, to arrive sooner, with zero emissions, making less noise along the way.

We source power from the electrical grid, a reservoir of energy that's less expensive than most any other, and has the potential to become the cleanest. We then transport that energy up to the vehicle while in flight. As a result your vehicle can be lighter, faster, and less expensive to operate.

You’ll appreciate faster speed and a lower ticket price; the planet will appreciate a smaller footprint.

This is challenging work. We’re pioneering a novel architecture for generating pseudo non-diffracting electromagnetic waves. If you've got skills you'd like to bring to bear on this effort, please contact us.

Robert Millman

Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

Robert earned a BA from Catholic University, and a JD from Georgetown. He worked in private practice then in-house at Olin Corporation. Over time he incrementally transitioned from counsel to senior leadership, starting with seven years in the satellite-propulsion group in Redmond, Washington known by various names as Primex Aerospace, General Dynamics, and Aerojet. He later worked over 12 years at Blue Origin as General Counsel and utility-infield player on the senior-management team. At Electric Sky, Robert's main job is to create an environment where engineers can do brilliant work, then usher that work into the outside world.

Jeff Greason

Chief Technologist & Co-Founder

Jeff earned his Electrical Engineering degree from Cal Tech with honors. He started out at Intel, harnessing the diffraction of light to make the Pentium processor, and helped extend the era of Moore's Law. Then he caught the space-launch virus, starting with chemical-combustion rockets. Jeff has over 26 issued patents, and was named a Time Magazine Inventor of the Year for his work on the EZ Rocket. Jeff worked at Rotary Rocket, and co-founded XCOR Aerospace. In his spare time he worked to help create America’s regulatory framework for space launch, and was appointed by the U.S. President to sit on the Augustine Commission recommending how the U.S. should launch humans to space after retiring the Space Shuttle. At Electric Sky Jeff focuses on creating the technology to allow people in motion to access cheap, clean, abundant power.

Dan DeLong

Chief Engineer & Co-Founder

Dan builds vehicles to survive challenging environments. He earned his Bachelors in Engineering from Cornell, with some graduate work in metallurgical failure analysis. At Westinghouse Dan designed breathing apparatus for the U.S. Navy. At Perry he worked systems engineering for Oceanlab. At Teledyne he was systems and structures design lead for getting the Hubble Space Telescope safely to the launch pad (along with some projects on neutral particle beams that he just doesn't talk about). Dan pioneered air-launch vehicle design, and helped spawn whole families of vehicles now trying to air-drop their way into space. At Eureka he designed thrust control valves for rocket engines. At Boeing he took a system for in-space air and water recycling from concept to demo hardware. Dan also worked at Rotary Rocket and later co-founded XCOR. At Electric Sky Dan integrates manufacturability with design.

No job openings at this time, but . . .

. . . we take the long view of building the right team in the right work environment. As a small group developing new technologies, we're always looking to talk with people who might help us on our mission. We’re particularly interested in hearing from people with experience in pseudo non-diffracting electromagnetic wave structures and/or inductive magnetic coupling.

Let us know if you’d be interested in exploring the possibility of working with us. You can send contact info and a resume to Info@El-Sky.com. We might not get back to you right away, but will once we see a potential fit.


Electric Sky Acquires Agile Aero

Electric Sky, Inc. (El-Sky) announced it acquired substantially all the assets of Agile Aero, Inc. (Agile), a company focused on advanced aerospace vehicle design, including all of Agile’s intellectual property. All Agile personnel are now devoting their efforts to Electric Sky.

“Acquisition of Agile’s vehicle-design work aligns with El-Sky’s effort to electrify 21st century transportation. The coming wave of electric aircraft will bring lower operating costs, reduced ticket prices, and a smaller environmental footprint. El-Sky’s external power enables eAircraft to travel further, faster, and with more people. We welcome Agile’s technology into this mission”, said El-Sky CEO Robert Millman.

“I’m thrilled at this outcome for our investors; now we can take all we learned and apply it to helping customers develop new vehicles enabled by external power”, said El-Sky Chief Technologist and former Agile CEO Jeff Greason.

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